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Year 6 Graduation 2016

Year 6 Graduation

Congratulations to our wonderful Year 6 upon their graduation from Primary school. Year 6 celebrated with friends and family at the RSL club luncheon on Monday 12th December followed by a social dance on Monday night at the... Read more

Will Lake in the Junior Parade

Scone Beef Bonanza

What a weekend! Once again Manilla took animals and kids down to Scone Beef Bonanza. With over 830 students competing and 520 cows the competition was fierce. The weather was particularly unkind to us with the rain and wind... Read more

Welcome to Manilla Central School, a K-12 school at the centre of learning and the local community. Our school provides an educational experience in an environment where students can grow in intellect, character and body. Our students make us proud.